The Gift of Time

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  1. You hold so much wisdom Kate and I know you live by what you write here. Cherishing all those small moments and gratitude abound.

  2. I love these words Kate. They resonate so much warm energy, it was a pleasure to read them. I still vividly remember hearing the news of your diagnosis and marvel at your strength. Life is wonderous and it is important to remember. Thank you x

  3. Thanks Kate, I’m also surviving a Glioblastoma brain tumour. I’ve survived 9 years and feel slightly nervous about the 10 year mark. Your article resonates with me and my approach to life which is very similar to yours. Your article was copied to me by my dear friend Craig Mackie. Jx

    1. Dear Jane, thank you for your lovely reply. Anniversaries hold many things, memories and trauma, but as you know they can also be a time of celebration. I wish you well on your brain tumour journey and your 10th anniversary. Kate x

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